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A perfect little copy-cat of the big Rottweiler, the Rottiebear will charm its way into your home and heart! 

A Rottiebear is the
better choice breed for those of you, who want a German Rottweiler puppy, but might not have the space or strength to keep one. They make ideal apartment dogs. 

They look like Toy Rottweilers and mature at one tenth the big dogs' size yet keep the look of a mastiff's robust well muscled body.  A confident little companion dog they are agile and can keep up with all your activities and love to travel in the car. 

But in the house they are snugglers!  Quiet and calm, they don't require special exercising.  This dog is a sweetheart and will do anything to please you so house training comes naturally. Your veterinarian will like the fact they have no known health defects. They are easy to care for and seldom need bathing.

So gentle with children and  tolerant of child play they are not likely to hurt them.  Rottiebears are the ideal family dog in a small package.

ENCORE ENCORE!! Back by popular demand: This litter has been repeated. Toy Rottweilers are known as Rottiebears and they can come in black & tan or chocolate & tan with a liver nose.

Get-A-Wag Toy Rottweiler requirements for a responsible breeder:

  • Every breeder is devoted to breed improvement. 
  • Every mating is planned to advance the future of the breed. 
  • Every puppy is evaluated for conformation, health and emotional soundness. 
  • Every sale is backed with a one year health guarantee.

When you purchase a companion dog from the Rottiebear Toy Rottweiler Club you know that you are contributing to an organization that puts you first. You have 24/7 customer support available for the life of your dog.  You get advice from the experts on their diet, health maintenance, training, and behavior.

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