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 About the Breed: Find Information about the Get-A-Wag Toy Rottweiler 
A Toy Rottweiler is the best choice for you if...

1)   You looking for an AKC Rottweiler or German Rottweiler puppy for sale to be an inside house dog?

Toy Rottweiler is a better choice breed to be a house pet:
  • less cumbersome indoors than a 100 lb. AKC Rottweiler
  • fits into your home, then into your lap
  • needs no special exercise,  just runs around in the house
  • far less messy for clean up after accidents
  • won't rearrange your furniture for you--can't bump the coffee table across the floor!
  • will not intimidate your visitors or knock down small children
  • will not raise your home insurance rates
2)    You love a big dog but found reasons to purchase a smaller one?

     A Toy Rottweiler is best choice for more lifestyles: 
  • the Toy Rottweiler is compact, only 8 to 18 lbs. as an adult, yet keeps the same look of the big dogs!
  • light to carry, gentle to lead, easy for anyone to handle
  • needs minimal grooming, having little shedding, naturally smelling good
  • they are smart, and easy to house train, ideal for a first time pet owner
  • they are healthy with no known genetic defects, hip, or joint problems
  • Do you spend a lot of time on the road?  Toy Rotties are perfect travel buddies.
3)   You live in an apartment and big dogs are prohibited?

A Toy Rottweiler is perfect as an apartment dog: 
  • they seldom bark and will not annoy the neighbor
  • small enough to meet most apartment size/weight restrictions
  • non-destructive, they are not big chewers
  • small enough to train to potty pads: this can eliminate walks outside to potty
4)   You need an especially gentle and sensitive dog and perhaps have special needs?

    A Toy Rottweiler is ideal as your companion dog:
  • negligible issues with potential dog aggression, Toy Rottweilers don't typically bite
  • all puppies are family-raised, being well-socialized with children and other animals
  • they sense when to play and when to cuddle, being sensitive to your mood
  • most faithful companion, it is never far from the human it loves
  • well suited to be emotional support therapy dogs at home, or in group setting
  • Toy Rotties are entertaining, learn tricks, and will make you laugh! An ideal family dog 

Rottiebears are their own breed, not derived from standard Rottweilers.
Please buy your puppy here and help a special child Get-A-Wag Therapy Dog.

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